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Please review carefully What we Buy and Don’t Buy before making an appointment .

Please review prior to your appointment.  Pre-sorting your children’s items according to our buying policy saves time, ensures that you receive top dollar for your items and speeds the selling process.

Check out our gallery, See What We Buy  ,,,   What We Don’t Buy

Clothing and Footwear

We purchase gently used children’s clothing, sizes 0 through 12 years.

  • We prefer better brands such as Gap, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Burberry …; lesser brands such found at Target, Walmart, … generally must be new with tags.
  • Clothing items should be new or look new. 
  • Clothing must be free of odors e.g smoke, mildew, mothballs etc.
  • Clothing must be free of lint or pet hair and have been laundered.
  • Clothing cannot not be ripped, yellowed, faded, pilled or have stains.
  • Clothing must be contemporary in style.
  • We buy shoes, boots, slippers and sandals up to size 4 youth.
  • Footwear must be lightly worn, unscuffed and clean.
  • Zippers and buttons should be operational and intact.
  • We do not purchase used socks or underwear.
  • We purchase infant wear (sizes 0 to 12 mos) very selectively: new, better brands, sets, rarely separates
  • WE NOW PREFER BUY APPAREL IN-SEASON .  We  will buy Fall/Winter apparel from July 15. Spring/Summer from January 15.

Toys and Equipment

  • Items must be clean, and in good working order.
  • Items must not have missing parts.
  • Items such as strollers and bikes cannot have rust or bald tires
  • Items must be brought in assembled (unless in unopened box) or seller must be prepared to put item(s) together
  • Items must be 5 years or newer with the manufacturer’s label still attached
  • Car seats must be 3 years or newer, have never been involved in an accident, not recalled of course, and the seller must be the original owner.
  • We DO NOT purchase helmets, mattresses, VHS tapes, DVDs,  stuffed animals, full-size cribs, changing tables, parenting, maternity or soft-cover books, war toys, teething toys, Sets and games w/o all pcs, box and instructions .
  • ALL toys and equipment must be fully assembled.  Working batteries are a plus!
  • IMPORTANT: At times we have an oversupply of some some items.  It is best to inquire ahead by email or by phone 617 731-9400 to be sure we are accepting the items you plan to offer for purchase.

We check for recalls.

Pricing and Payment

Fancy Pants adheres to the NextGenResale Fair Pricing Standards.  NextGen’s suggested resale prices are built into our Point of Sale (POS) System.  The resale prices are set at 25-50% or retail prices depending on item type, brand, features, condition and market.
Pay prices range from 20-50% of resale prices–the higher the resale price, the higher the percent.  The pay price is increased another 20% for sellers and consignors electing to spend their return at Fancy Pants.
Fancy Pants pays cash, store credit or checks for most items,  some strollers and high-end items (those that resell for more than $100) may be sold on consignment. Store credit 20% more. F

 Appointments and Drop-Offs

You may choose any one of two buying arrangements: Selling by appointment and dropping off .

– Appointment:   It takes up to 30min to process two medium bags/ bins of clothing, footwear and toys.  Equipment generally takes about 5 minutes to test and evaluate.  If you have more than this, we strongly suggest: to book two appointments and prepare to wait around an hour. This is for the more organized among us who prefer to setup a time to sell in advance. Appointments may be set up  by phone (617 731-9400).  At the time of your appointment, we will go through your things, let you know what we would like to buy, render payment, and return any items we’re unable to take.  Having an appointment minimizes the chances of having to wait.  

-Drop-Offs:  This option is open to customers having once sold to Fancy Pants before . We don’t have limit for clothing, but we don’t take big toys and any equipment.  A Dropoff form is completed: listing the items being left for evaluation and purchase, identifying how the customer would like to be notified once completed, how any payment is to be made, and the disposition (e.g. pickup, donation) of any “no Thank you’s.”

To make an appointment please call (617)731-9400  during our work hours. 

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