Sell for us



You may choose any buying arrangements: Selling by appointment (first time sellers have to do it)  or dropping off your items for purchase at a later time if you sold to us before.

– Appointments:  This is for the more organized among us who prefer to setup a time to sell in advance. Appointments may be set up  by phone (617 731-9400).

Appointments may be scheduled during buying hours 11:30a – 4:00p (on the half hour)

A buying appointment usually is 30 minutes long for a reasonable amount of selling items.

At the time of your appointment, we will go through your things, let you know what we would like to buy, render payment, and return or donate(clothing only) items we’re unable to take.  Having an appointment minimizes the chances of having to wait.  Note: It takes up to half an hour to process two bags and/or bins of clothing, footwear and toys.  Equipment generally takes about 5 minutes to test and evaluate.  If you have more than this, we strongly suggest that you book more than one appointment (back-to-back).

-Drop-Offs:  This option is open to customers having once sold to Fancy Pants  !!!

A Drop-off form is completed: listing the items being left for evaluation and purchase, identifying how the customer would like to be notified once completed, how any payment is to be made, and the disposition (e.g. pickup, donation) .

Please note, we are not able to discuss item by item what we are keeping/purchasing if you drop off. If you want to know more details about the exchange and decision-making process please make an appointment. Drop offs cannot include that level of detail. Leave a note on the drop off form, if you would like to see what we choose , otherwise we will process your items.

If we can’t reach you when we contact you (we will try at least Two times) then we will process what we  hold returns of your items for up to one week. If we don’t hear from you within that week we will  donate the items.

NOTE: Due to space limitations, we may be unable to accept equipment or big toys dropped off .